The Greek Epigraphic Society has been entrusted with the personal archives of three eminent Greek archaeologists and epigraphists, bequeathed to it upon their death. Their contents have largely been catalogued and some of the material may be published in the near future or may be available to researchers upon request. The contents of each are hereby briefly listed:

1. Ἀρχεῖον Ἀποστόλου Ἀ. Ἀρβανιτοπούλου (Apostolos A. Arvanitopoulos Archive) 
Catalogued by Dr. M. Stamatopoulou, for which see HΟΡΟΣ 17-21(2004-09) 635-647.

2. Ἀρχεῖον Ἀνδρέου Α. Παπαγιαννόπουλου- Παλαιοῦ (A. A. Papagiannopoulos – Palaios Archive) Catalogued by Mrs. S. Aliferi.
It is a topographically rich archive, particularly for Athens and Attica. It contains the following:

  • A full collection of his publications and articles published either independently or in periodicals and daily newspapers (between 1935 and 1970). Also publications and articles of third persons with some reference to him.
  • Archaeological notes, drafts of articles and lectures, maps, drawings and photographs concerning sites in Athens, Attica and the rest of Greece.
  • Notes, drafts of lectures and articles concerning his studies on Attic Inscriptions.
  • Notes and articles concerning the collections of state Museums in Athens and Peiraeus as well as those in Private Collections.
  • Articles of the Κοσμητεία Εθνικού Τοπίου και Πόλεων of which he was secretary and which concern the preservation and conservation of sites and monuments of archaeological and historical importance.
  • Articles concerning city-planning issues of Athens, Peiraeus and Salonica.
  • Scientific correspondence (1934-1970).
  • Personal documents.
  • A particularly rich archive of newspaper clippings concerning mainly archaeological excavations, finds and related issues.

3. Ἀρχεῖον Γεωργίου Ἀ. Σταμίρη (G. A. Stamires Archive) Catalogued in part by Mrs. S. Aliferi.
This archive is particularly interesting to epigraphists in that it contains a number of unpublished projects that he was working on. It contains the following :

  • A collection of his publications and his articles published in periodicals.
  • Epigraphical notes on Attic inscriptions and inscriptions from other places. Also photographs of inscriptions (published and unpublished).
  • Apographa and notes on Attic prytany inscriptions.
  • A Catalogue of the inscriptions kept in the Archaeological Museum of Salamis.
  • Photographs of archaeological finds (other than inscriptions).
  • Prosopographical notes.
  • A collection of notes on various subjects (on ancient writers, for a project on plants, on recent Greek history) as well as drafts of articles.
  • A project on the monuments of the eparchy of Gortys (Sources, Inscriptions and History).
  • Scholarly and personal correspondence.
  • Biographical note and list of publications.
  • Personal documents.

Sofia Aliferi