Two rock-cut inscriptions from the island of Astypalaia

In 2010, Prof. Andreas Vlachopoulos (University of Ioannina) organized an extensive surface survey which takes place every year in the area of the deep gulf (Phot 1, 2) of Vathy (Βαθύ) of the Aegean island of Astypalaia.

Phot. 1. Partial view of the Vathy gulf. (Photo by A. Vlachopoulos)
Phot. 2. Partial view of the Vathy gulf. (Photo by A. Vlachopoulos)
Phot. 3. The area in which the archaic inscription was found (Photo by A. Vlachopoulos)

During the 2013 survey, on July 16, Vlachopoulos found at the top of the mountainous peninsula of Vathy, and in a location of excellent view toward the gulf, a rock-cut inscription (Phot. 3). Later on the same day he very kindly sent me a few photos of the inscription.

The study of the photos showed that the inscription is written boustrophedon with large nicely cut letters in two lines and it should be dated to the ArchaicPeriod, more specifically around the middle of the 6th cent. B.C. The new text belongs to the category of erotic inscriptions, as it can be deduced from the verb ιφε (= ᾦφε, imperfect tense of the verb οἴφω = mount, cover, [LSJ9, s.v.]) in the beginning of the second line.
Two days later (July 18) and at a small distance from the first inscription a second rupestral inscription was found by Vlachopoulos and his team. This one is a personal masculine name and it is dated to the late fifth or early fourth cent. B.C.

The two inscriptions will be published soon in ΗΟΡΟΣ 22-25 (2010-2013) by Vlachopoulos and the present author.