A new Archaic graffito from Attica



1. From right to left: Mr. Yannis Voyatzis who discovered the inscription, A. Matthaiou and G. Malouchou.

2. Matthaiou studying the rupestral inscription

A few years ago Mr. Yannis Voyatzis, resident of Βουλιαγμένη (Vouliagmeni), spotted, during one of his routine walks in the hills of the area, an ancient Greek graffito inscribed on the natural rock at the top of the hill called Φασκομηλιά. He kindly informed Andronike Makres about his discovery and gave her a few photographs of the inscription. Makres saw that it was an archaic inscription and in due course visited the site led by Mr. Voyatzis. On the 8th of December 2011, a bright winter day, the site was visited again by the εὑρετὴς Mr. Voyatzis and the members of the Greek Epigraphic Society, Andronike Makres, Georgia Malouchou and Angelos Matthaiou. Epigraphical work was done on site and was followed by an οὐζάκι kindly offered by Mr. Voyatzis at his house to celebrate the new find.

The Greek Epigraphic Society congratulates Mr. Voyatzis on his discovery as well as his sincere passion, devotion and true love for the antiquities; not only did he discover the inscription but he also took all the necessary precautions in order to protect it.

The inscription will be published soon by members of the Greek Epigraphic Society.

A. K. Makres, G. E. Malouchou, A. P. Matthaiou