The Attic dedicatory inscription IG II2 3002. A Note

The papers of Greek epigraphists of past generations kept in the Archives of the Greek Epigraphic Society include also those of Andreas Papagiannopoulos-Palaios (1908-1971) the editor of the journal Polemon, vol. 3 (1947-8) sqq.

His papers are important for Greek Epigraphy, Attic Topography and the Archaeology of Athens and Attica during the years 1930-1970. A complete catalogue of Papagiannopoulos’ papers was created by Sofia Aliferi, member of the Greek Epigraphic Society, (see Research Projects: Cataloguing Archives and old Publications: Archives).

Photo.1.:IG II2 3002 as seen by Papagiannopoulos-Palaios in 1930 built as a step into the stair-way of a modern building. Foto from the Archive of Papagiannopoulos-Palaios kept by the Greek Epigraphic Society.

Among the papers of Papagiannopoulos – Palaios was found a photograph of the 1st cent. B.C. dedicatory inscription (IG II2 3002). The inscription is written on the face of an epistylion of a certain construction dedicated to Apollo by the γυμνασιαρχῶν Πάτρων Ἀρχελάου Περιθοίδης.

It was first published by J. Kirchner, who based his edition on a copy made by A. Brueckner. The latter, as Kirchner noted, saw it «ἐν τῇ ὁδῷ Διπύλου». Some years later the inscription was republished by Papagiannopoulos in Polemon 3 (1947) 22-23. He had seen it in 1930 built as a step into the stair-way of a certain modern building (see photo) before it was transported to the Theseion where Kirchner saw it. Papagiannopoulos noted that the inscription was originally found during the excavations for the construction of the foundations of a certain building between Menandrou street and Plateia Theatrou square (πλατεία Θεάτρου) and thus it was mistakenly reported that it was found at Dipylou street.